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Hair loss is a sensitive subject, and it shouldn’t be. We aim to restore by taking your concerns head-on (quite literally).
Discover our plant-based formulas for hair restoration, developed with scientifically proven ingredients.

Your longest lashes in 30 days

no prostaglandins, toxins or carcinogens

Feel the joy of having thicker, fuller, denser hair

no minoxidil or toxic chemicals

Bolder brows, backed by science

gluten-free, cruelty-free, fuss-free

Increase density, decrease shedding

no minoxidil or toxic chemicals


clinically proven performance that beats market-leading synthetic formulas


see results in as little as 30 days

*Results can take up to 8 weeks and may
vary by individual


no synthetic hormones or carcinogens in
any of our formulas


best sellers


Natural Peruvian Hair Serum

230 Reviews

$58.00 USD


Dupon Volumizing Serum

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Dupon Body Soap

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Dupon Hair Gummies

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$49.00 USD


try risk-free

Visible results in as soon as 30 days

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"This brow serum has undone years of over-waxing."
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"This mascara is the truth. It gives my lashes the sexy, fluttery look I love so much, and it doesn’t clump at all."
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"A regrowth serum like Vegabrow will help bulk up those brows faster."
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"The secret to longer lashes without extensions."

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When seeing indications of hair misfortune and hair diminishing, it very well may be difficult to prevent yourself from freezing. In any case, to assist you with trip we’ve trialed and tried the best hair growth products to ensure that you’re including the correct shampoos, conditioners, enhancements and hair medications to your daily schedule.

What promotes best hair growth products today?

Fruitful hair growth can be ascribed to various factors including (however unquestionably not constrained to): way of life, hereditary qualities, topical medicines and support. While it is difficult to decide the genuine reason for hair growth and, normally, hair misfortune, there are various advances you can take to advance hair growth.

We’ve just done the investigation into how to develop hair quicker, however now it’s a great opportunity to peruse our hair growth tips and investigate the best products to ensure you’re feeding your hair from root to tip.

The best hair growth products serum

First up on our lift of the best hair growth products is the Duponmadeline Hair Growth Serum. This every day treatment leaves hair feeling longer and looking thicker with included sparkle. Consolidating seven distinct innovations to unmistakably improve hair length, this special hair growth treatment attempts to expand hair thickness by up to 13% more than 4 months.

Planned to be totally Vegan and non cruelty, this hair growth serum joins a potent blend of fixings that will profit by and large head wellbeing, making the ideal condition for hair growth. This hair grow oil incorporates hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, just as Bio-Active Pea Sprout Complex and a Bio-Active Complex of peruvian gingseng and ginger, ginger and gingseng which work in agreement to help improve hair thickness.

Best Hair Growth Products for man and woman

Dupon Hair Gummies are hair supplements for hair and scalp exceptionally figured considering male example hair misfortune, and are the worlds’s most clinically demonstrated hair supplement, in view of 11 clinical preliminaries.

This historic hair growth supplement comes displayed in 30 simple to-swallow gummie candy’s. The key fixing special amino (a rich marine protein complex) is blended in with Zinc, Vitamin C, Horsetail Extract and Flax Seed to advance existing hair growth for normally thicker, longer looking hair. We accept this is the ideal hair growth item for men and woman as it attempts to at the same time improve generally speaking hair wellbeing, lessen hair shedding and increment hair thickness.